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EPDM Roofing

house roof after repair

As a locally trusted service provider, we are dedicated to constantly finding new ways to improve our customer service experience and the value we provide our clients. In particular, our team has applied significant focus and advancement to providing EPDM roofing services for commercial clients throughout Odessa in the state of Texas.


EPDM roofs, in their simplest form, or a single-ply rubber base roof that is common throughout flat commercial properties. These roofs come with some particular and specific benefits. The benefit of this type of roofing includes substantial durability as well as resistance to extreme external climate and weather such as hail and Highwinds. These roofs are also much less likely to suffer from deterioration and cause leaks because there are significantly fewer seams. When working alongside our clients who are curious about EPDM roofing, we provide the necessary guidance and industry expertise to cover every particular detail from start to finish.

Synthetic Rubber

The rubber we utilize is a type of synthetic rubber, which can be utilized in a wide variety of applications. This particular type of synthetic rubber is also highly resistant to light, UV rays and heat. It can easily be formulated to become resistant to temperatures as high as 150°C. An additional benefit that our clients can expect by the professional installation of EPDM roof, or that they can be appropriately utilized on your commercial building for over multiple decades without any sign of degradation. On the contrary, this roof is also suitably equipped to handle lower temperatures. The synthetic rubber allows for its elastic properties to adhere to temperatures as low is -40°C.


These roofing systems are systematically and methodically designed to last throughout the wide variety of challenging elements. The installation of EPDM roofing systems is fairly straightforward and timely. We maintain a strict requirement for our technicians and roofing experts to undergo regular skill set development. We invest in the ongoing training of our staff within each and every department to ensure a consistently high level of quality and service is provided to our clients.

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We are dedicated to embodying our core values day in day out. This entails that our organization applies a work ethic that is intensely higher than our competitors, regularly maintains an innovative approach to uncover value opportunities for our clients while transforming our institution into loyal and devoted advocates for our client’s current and future successes. For our customers who are curious about acquiring significant benefits through the professional installation of EPDM roofing systems, be sure to arrange a free one on one consultation with our customer service team today. You can do that by contacting our customer service team at the number below or direct message us through one of our many social media accounts. We look forward to collaborating and consulting with you while creating a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.


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